Attraction. Assessment. Development. Retention.

If you look at our industry, there are many thoughts on how to work with Talent Management. And how to assess great candidates. Is it a personality test with subsequent feedback? Is it a four-hour interview that challenges the candidate’s strengths and development areas? Is it full day assessment with roleplay and case presentations? Or is it something completely different?

For us, it is all the above – and much, much more. It is, in short, assessment and development.

Talent Management does not happen by itself.


At Hudson Nordic, we combine our test and assessment tools with effective and well-documented methods and processes as we help our clients attract, develop and retain leaders and specialists. All spiced up with one hundred percent transparent communication.

The fact is that companies and organizations are only as good as the people they employ. For the same reason, nothing should be more important than attracting, developing and retaining the most talented and engaged employees.

However, attracting skilled employees is one thing. But making a strategy for developing and retaining the same employee – and sticking to the plan based on deep insights into the person’s potential and skills – is quite another story.

You know what you’ve got…


But do you know what you are missing?

As an experienced partner with deep insight into the entire life cycle of employees, we bring structure, experience and concrete HR solutions to the table when we meet to talk about your company’s challenges.

We offer several initiatives and activities that support precisely the challenges you face. Maybe as a hiring manager, you need to get a ‘second opinion’ on your final candidate? Or perhaps you – or your key employees – just now have the opportunity to engage in your development?

Whatever it is, we can help. We have skilled, certified assessors who all have the same theoretical foundation for assessing people development. And this applies across the Nordic countries, so whether you contact our colleagues in Sweden and Norway or us, you will experience the same high standards and thorough methods, tools and processes.

Assessment & Development Centers.

A day you will never forget.

When our clients and candidates attend our Assessment and Development Centers, it is our priority to create a safe and professional environment for a challenging, fun and rewarding day.

We do this by thoroughly informing our candidates and clients to make everyone feel well-prepared for a full day of the Assessment or Development Center. During the day, we do everything possible to thoroughly present the exercises, provide useful feedback and sublime service on all levels.

There is always room for everyone.

We always strive to create that little extra for our clients and candidates. And we often get the feedback, that we successfully balance our focus on both clients and candidates.

The reason for our success is – from our perspective – that we put people first, no matter who they are. We go a long way to always to create added value. For example, we do everything we can to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience when visiting us at our Hudson Nordic offices. Whether you, as a candidate, get the job or not.

We follow our candidates and clients to the finish line.