Development of Leaders and Specialists.

Attracting skilled employees is the first step in any recruitment process. But you also need to create a strategy for the development, motivation and retention of your best employees. We are specialists in this, and we are always available if you want in-depth insight into your new – or experienced – employees’ potential and development points.

For best results, we use Hudson Nordic’s own Development Center for this purpose. And of course, we tailor the day to your business needs so that we can lift your managers and specialists to the next level of their career.

Development Center in short.

Hudson Nordic’s Development Centre provides a framework for a thorough and objective development session for selected managers and specialists. This should be seen as a chance for managers to reach deeper into their personal and professional development with our profound methods as a framework.

Together with you as a client, we select specific competencies that the manager or specialist must be measured and observed against. This to support them in reaching their full potential and strengthen future performance and development.

The Development Centers are based on the same basis as our Assessment Centre: A full day’s challenging, fun and rewarding conversations and exercises.

Leadership Training.

We facilitate development and leadership training for management teams that want to explore and develop their group dynamics and strengthen their team performance.

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