Faith moves mountains. We move people.

We focus on the whole leader and the entire human being. You will not get the professional success of the long-lasting kind if you and your life are not in balance. But balance is not equal to downtime. In fact, on the contrary. Excellent leadership requires continuous readiness for change, development, and learning – and last but not least; the ability to lead oneself.

At Hudson Nordic, we specialize in coaching you to be successful within your scope. Or in other words: We coach you to master the next level position – or to get even more success in the job you already have.

Your space for development.

When you meet our coaches, you will notice that we work with a coaching concept rooted in The International Coach Federation (ICF). That means that we naturally follow ICF’s 8 Core Competencies and ethical guidelines. All our coaches are members of and accredited from ICF.

At the same time, they are all certified assessors from Hudson’s Center of Excellence in Belgium, from which we use the best tools when it comes to a wide range of tests, simulation exercises, business cases and more. Hudson’s tests are based on “The Big 5”.

Our coaches all have a broad professional experience and backgrounds as leaders. All this is your guarantee of high-class coaching.

Meet our coaches.


Ola Lenes

Ola Lenes has a long background as a director in various companies and industries. 26 years ago, Ola started his career within Executive Search, where he successfully recruited different specialists and leaders before moving to Denmark to start up Hudson in the Nordics.

For the more that 18 years, Ola has been working as Lead Assessor on different Nordic and Global recruitment and development projects. Ola is a trusted advisor for a long list of companies, Lead Assessor through Hudson’s Center of Excellence in Belgium, member of The International Coach Federation (ICF) and PCC-certified Executive Coach with +1000 hours of Executive Coaching for top leaders in different industries.

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Susanne Svendsen

Susanne Svendsen has a long experience as an advisor and coach. With her leadership background and her experience as a business journalist with a focus on leadership and career development, Susanne has a particular eye for the development of people and ideas. During the past years, Susanne has been associated with Hudson as Executive Coach and Outplacement Consultant.

Susanne is a member of The International Coach Federation (ICF), PCC-certified Executive Coach, Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Firework Career Coach and Lead Assessor through Hudson’s Center of Excellence in Belgium.

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