Hudson Nordic
Executive Contracting

At Hudson Nordic, we work to create connections and fruitful collaborations between our customers and our substantial network of skilled consultants, freelancers and contractors within IT and Finance.

What is Executive Contracting at
Hudson Nordic?

The desire to attract and hire the most talented talents has not changed, but the formula has. More and more people, both companies and employees, are seeing the benefits of hiring and working on an interim basis. The benefits of this flexible form of employment are many and noticeable.

At Hudson Nordic, we have for the past 20+ years refined our focus on assessing, attracting and accelerating the best talent in the Nordic business community. We make a virtue out of maintaining and developing our large network, in order to be able to act effectively when the need of our customers arises.


Contractors. Freelancers. Consultants. You name it. We’ll find them.

You will find that we will go to great lengths to create an efficient and professional process with a focus on creating insight into the consultant’s professional qualifications, cultural fit, development points and personal preferences in the job.

We tailor the process exactly to your needs – without compromising on the quality of the match we so desperately want to create. We get energy from diving into your company’s culture and team dynamics and uncover not only the consultant’s competencies but also cultural fit in the process.

Because we are not just CV pushers. We want to convey relationships to a range of freelancers who have the right skills to step in, take responsibility and solve exactly your challenges – from day 1. And not only that, but we also uncover how the person will fit into your team based on insight into precisely your organizational and team dynamics.

You will experience the following when you work with us:

  • We contribute with our 20+ years of experience in assessing, attracting, and accelerating the greatest talents and advise you so that the very best match is created between your needs and the consultant’s competencies.
  • We tailor the process to your needs and dreams and ensure that you get the right freelance employee in place just when it suits you.
  • We help create an overview of your needs – now and in the future – just as we can help you create a pipeline of relevant employees for future projects.

A people-to-people company

At Hudson Nordic, we are dedicated to creating the perfect match between your company and your future employee. And although all processes are as different as there are humans on earth, your process through Hudson Nordic will usually proceed as follows:

Connecting the dots.

No doubt.

For us, it is natural to use our core competencies, experience and large networks to create the perfect match between companies and professional freelancers who have great ambitions to create real value. For a period of time. Because not everything has to be forever.

And are you a freelancer and looking for new challenging projects? Then we help you find exactly the task that matches your wishes and competencies. Because we want to help you fill in your professional to-do’s.