Proud sponsor of Copenhagen 2021

Proud sponsor of Copenhagen 2021

Partnering with Copenhagen 2021 is a privilege and an honor for us at Hudson Nordic. Taking a visible stand, showing up, and spreading the message of inclusion, human rights and diversity is not only a core cause for us but also, we believe, an ever-prevailing necessity for both businesses and people in the world we live in.

We believe that it is important to be conscious of our role as trusted advisors to businesses across the Nordics. Since the beginning, Hudson Nordic has striven to always deliver a diverse talent pool to our clients and pushing the agenda for an inclusive workforce. Ensuring that all people no matter sexual orientation, gender, race, age etc., are promoted and ensured equal rights in the Nordic job market.

In our partnership with Copenhagen 2021, we acknowledge the message of broad inclusion and push the message that all people are valid, welcome and valued in the Nordic workforce.

Joining forces with Copenhagen 2021 we at the same time acknowledge the many battles and long history of suppression that the LGBTQ+ community has faced – and want to make it clear that we are your allies.




Ola Lenes, Managing Partner & CEO of Hudson Nordic

“The rights of the LGBTI+ community are the rights of all people. Basic, important and all-embracing human rights. As a people-for-people organisation, we strive to push the agenda for equal rights for all people, no matter sexual orientation, race, gender, age etc. This is what we train and practice.

We know that we must reflect, turn inwards and understand our own position and power, to go outward and act accordingly in the world. We strive to promote equal rights and opportunities for all when it comes to entering and thriving in the Nordic workforce”

Our Focus:

Copenhagen 2021 + Hudson Nordic

Our unmistakable message and focus in the partnership with Copenhagen 2021 is being the promoters of an inclusive workforce. This means that we continuously train and educate ourselves, strive to always include and encourage other points of view. In daily life this means that we always hold ourselves accountable to deliver a diverse talent pool to our clients by minimizing biased and subjective decision-making.

Please join our movement of creating an inclusive workforce by participating in our initiatives and sharing your thoughts!

Debates & Activities

Hudson Nordic will be facilitating debates and other activities in the time prior to Copenhagen 2021 in August. Stay updated on the upcoming events on our website, Linkedin and Instagram

To follow the great work of the single biggest LGBTI+ event of 2021; Copenhagen 2021 please click here. You are also welcome to listen to our podcast with the Chair of Copenhagen 2021, Katja Moesgaard, where we discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Disclaimer: It’s in Danish!