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At Hudson Nordic, we have the pleasure of working with people every single day and we work hard to always meet each person with presence and at eye level. We take the time to ensure that our processes are tailored to suit the needs of both the organizations and the individuals we work with – and we want to be the best when it comes to attracting, assessing and developing people and organisations.

We know that we as a company have a responsibility to support a sustainable, social development. Our CSR effort is therefore a key priority at Hudson Nordic; one that we base on our selected virtues and on the 17 Global Goals. The Global Goals are 17 concrete goals that ensure that all 193 UN member states work on eradicating poverty and hunger, reduce inequality, ensure a good education, work towards better health, decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth for all.

Every year we update our CSR focus areas. This year we support the following initiatives: 





Copenhagen 2021: The important fight for diversity

Hudson Nordic holds a key position when it comes to creating the best conditions for an inclusive labor market. We support the fight for all fundamental human rights and in addition, have a particular focus on gender equality. Equality means to us that you deserve equal treatment, no matter what gender you have, what you believe in, where you come from or where you want to go. We believe in equal access and equal opportunities for individuals, whether within education, the labour market or something third entirely, should be sought at all times. This year, we, therefore, partnered up with Copenhagen 2021 

In 2021, Copenhagen Pride celebrated its 25th anniversary. This was marked by World Pride, which is the LGBTI+ community’s largest, cultural-, human rights and sporting event, which was was held in Copenhagen and Malmö in 2021. The gigantic event, which is actually the largest LGBTI+ event in the world, was carried out by great volunteers and a professional staff, who successfully worked hard to create a solid and inspiring program with inclusion in the forefront.

At Hudson Nordic, we support this fight for diversity and inclusion by creating a partnership where we, based on our expertise within recruitment and personal development, offered an outplacement program to all the driving forces in the organisation. The outplacement program, which was tailored to fit the individual employees need, aimed to ensure a good job searching process and served as a stepping stone to the next job for the participants.

In connection to Copenhagen 2021, we also focused on inclusion and diversity through a number of podcasts where we talk about gender, ethnicity, age and much more. You can listen to our podcast Hudson All Inclusive right here.

You can also read much more about our work with Copenhagen 2021 here

NGUVU: Gender Equality in Kenya

NGUVU, means ‘strength’ in Swahili. But NGUVU is also the name of a Kenyan-based NGO that Hudson Nordic has the privilege of supporting. Headquartered in Nairobi, NGUVU support vulnerable women grow and sell coffee beans providing decent working conditions and good prices.

NGUVU aims to create a sustainable and healthy coffee business so that the women who work for them have the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their children. NGUVU ensures good prices by selling the coffee beans outside the otherwise expensive intermediaries.

The important thing for NGUVU thus becomes to ensure their employees a permanent job, proper working conditions and professional development. In collaboration with the local organization Rziski, a lot of effort thus goes into creating long-term, positive changes for the women, and therefore also for their families.

Read much more about NGUVU and their work here





Welcome home: support for veterans

WELCOME HOME is founded by several companies that want to support veterans by focusing on how military skills and experience can be brought into play in the civilian business community. The goal is to support the veterans in a good and realistic transition from the military to the civilian labour market through a well-planned process. The focus is on uncovering the veteran’s competencies and matching them with a mentor from a private company. This ensures that the transition from military to civilian is smooth and that you get started with a job that matches your skills and interests.

You can read more about their fantastic work here.

Our CSR award: Hudson Heart

The Hudson Heart award is Hudson Nordic’s CSR Award, awarded each year to a selected initiative that falls under this year’s CSR focus areas.

The award comes with a donated amount for the organisation or individual that create significant change and impact.













LMS – The National Association against Eating Disorders and Self-Harm

A few years ago, it was an unknown phenomenon that young people had self-harming behaviour. But today it is a fact that we have young people who cut into themselves, burn wounds in their hands or tear tufts of hair out of their hair to deal with difficult emotions. The Corona period has only created greater dissatisfaction among this group. The lives of young people have been put on standby with even greater insecurity and lack of communities as a result. This applies to both girls and boys. One of the places where you can feel an increase in the number of vulnerable young people is the National Association against Eating Disorders and Self-Harm (LMS).

Bo Møhl, professor of clinical psychology at Aalborg University and supervisor of psychotherapy has 25 years of first-hand experience with patients that self-harm. Studies show:

  • 22% of the pupils in the 9th grade of primary school have injured themselves one or more times.
  • 21.5% of Copenhagen’s high school students have experienced self-harm, and 9% have injured themselves more than 20 times within the past year.
  • 11% of all Danes have intentionally injured themselves at least once in their lives.
  • At least 80,000 people aged 16-19 are at risk of developing an eating disorder in Denmark.
  • The incidence of people with an eating disorder who also suffer from self-harm is 21-59%.

In LMS, they work purposefully to support, strengthen and help people affected by eating disorders and self-harm. Whether you are affected, a relative or a professional, LMS offers both support and advice. In addition, LMS works to gather knowledge, offer professional advice and training offers that are tailored to the needs of people.

In order to be able to carry out such a task, it is necessary to have skilled and professional management that is well equipped for the important role of running the association in a professional and up-to-date manner.

That is why we at Hudson Nordic have supported LMS ‘work by making use of our competencies. When LMS celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, we donated an assessment centre that they could use in connection with the recruitment of their future communications and fundraising manager. With this contribution, we hope that we help to strengthen and professionalize the association’s work so that they can help even more vulnerable young people in the future.

Read more about their amazing work  here

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