Meet Hudson Nordic.

We are a team of committed consultants and researchers who every day strive to create as much value as possible for our clients and candidates. We all possess an innate interest in other people. We come with different backgrounds and stories – just like the people, we meet every day.

Lars Albrecht Jensen Partner
Claes Nørgaard Senior Manager
Maluu Villemoes Programme Manager
Ann Sophie Thalund-Jørgensen Nordic Comms. & Project Manager
Kit Elise Ertner Grenvald Finance & Executive Assistant
Isabel Mouna Vacchio Mørkeberg Office Manager
Annette Timmermann Senior Research Consultant
Marlene Høgh Assignment Manager
Laila Møller Senior Manager
Nina Osflaten Phaff Johannessen Research Consultant
Anne-Louise Vittus Pedersen Research Consultant
Laura Petersen Junior Research Consultant
Susanne Svendsen Executive Coach