Your second opinion.

In a volatile market, it is no longer enough to know the candidate’s abilities. Facets as leadership potential, business attitudes, and cultural compatibility are also important when making the right decision in the hunt after a new employee or leader for your organisation.

That is why we continuously educate, train and certify all our consultants within state-of-the-art psychometric tests and the newest research for them to be even better at giving you our industry’s most excellent – and most objective – assessment of the candidates.

Our work is supported by well-documented and proven test and assessment tools which are developed by our Center of Excellence in Belgium. By using these tools, we get the opportunity to get as close to the candidate as possible; making it possible for us to reveal their potential and professional preferences.

Our goal is that our client gets deep insights into the candidate’s competences and skills. At the same time, we do everything in our power to give the candidates new insights and learnings about themselves every time they leave our offices after an interview.

Competency Framework.

Our Competency Framework is designed to reveal what behaviours are expected on different levels in an organisation – to create a useful foundation for integrating all processes regarding attracting, retaining, developing and promoting your new employees.

Today, most organisations consider competencies as fundamental elements for effective Talent Management. Many leading companies have therefore classified a framework for competencies at different levels so that they can actively use them to:

  • Hire and select employees with the right ‘fit’ for the role and organisation.
  • Anticipate expectations, set goals and follow up effectively and objectively.
  • Get an overview of what is needed to move the company in a specific direction – and what competencies are required.
  • Identify what competencies one lacks and if so, develop, attract and retain.
  • Create targeted development and training initiatives for individuals and groups – including executive coaching.

5+1 Competency Model.

Hudson Nordic’s 5 + 1 Competency Model is the backbone of our recruitment and talent management work.

The model is based on extensive research in which our research team has analysed more than a hundred competency models from international companies as well as current HR trends. The researchers have subsequently identified five core competencies, each with their skills:

Information Management, People Management, Task Management, Interpersonal Management, and Personnel Management.

These five competencies are hierarchically arranged, and the skills of each of the clusters are further prioritized. The last core competency is the technical expertise that includes technical or organisation-specific knowledge and abilities.

It only works if we do it together.

The 5 + 1 Competency Model is designed to be flexible and can be applied to various jobs and roles within an organisation to create a custom recruitment profile. Candidates can also be selected and evaluated in relation to the model, which ensures an efficient interviewing and assessment process.

At Hudson Nordic, we combine our competency model and testing tools to provide both clients and candidates with a thorough and well-documented assessment and feedback. We also insist on involving our clients in the selection of specific competencies in our Assessment & Development activities, so that we can obtain the most accurate and organization-specific information at the start-up and development stages.

This way, we tailor a functional Competency Framework that reflects precisely your company’s unique culture – and not least; the competencies needed to succeed in this specific context.

Business Attitudes Questionnaire.

Recruitment carries a certain amount of risk. No matter how detailed a screening and selection process you have, it is difficult to predict how well someone will fit into your organisation accurately – and whether they will live up to your expectations.

Hudson’s Business Attitudes Questionnaire (BAQ) can help with these challenges. The BAQ assesses 25 different dimensions of personality, which help predict how a candidate will behave in a workplace.

The test was developed by Hudson Research & Development and has been tested on more than 60,000 candidates. It is an integral part of our recruitment processes. In part because of it:

  • Enables you to identify which candidates are most likely to fit into your organisation and has the potential to develop best in line with your organisation and culture.
  • Provides the opportunity to explore and delve into the candidate’s competencies, ensuring a better assessment.
  • Ensures a good experience for the candidate as the subsequent interview becomes focused and thus gives the candidate a more in-depth insight into their competencies.
  • Prepares the company to make an informed decision on a well-founded basis.

The BAQ is taken online and is available in more than 25 languages. It typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete, but the test is not timed.

Motivational Drives Questionnaire.

Performance is not solely based on ability. Motivation and personal drivers also play a role. These characteristics do not only define a person’s commitment, but also the direction in which their development is going and their job satisfaction. Simply because people do what they like best.

Hudson’s Motivational Drives Questionnaire (MDQ) gives you valuable insights into what factors motivate your employees and what buttons you can press to boost their job satisfaction.

The MDQ measures up to 15 motivational dimensions based on the latest motivation theory. The test is built around a questionnaire that lets candidates indicate what they find most interesting about a job and what motivates them to do a good job. The MDQ is, therefore, a particularly powerful tool in both recruitment, assessment, development, coaching and career counselling.

The test is taken online and is available in over 25 different languages.

Reasoning Ability Tests.

We use our specially developed RAT ability tests to provide an objective picture of your employee or candidate’s potential and skills. The RAT tests consist of an abstract, verbal, and numerical ability test that gives insight into the capabilities of your employee or candidate in the various fields.

The tests can be taken at different levels – adapted to the specific position. Once the candidate has completed all tests, we receive a report with:

  • A general score that indicates which norm group the candidate belongs to.
  • Three subscores that describe working style and approach to the tests, including pace and accuracy.

We follow our candidates and clients to the finish line.